Janine Antoni

Rosa, 2014

Pit fired ceramic

18.5 x 13.5 x in. (46.99 x 34.29 cm)

Rosa is inspired by Greek amphorae vessel. The hipbones that formed the vessel’s neck are left within the clay to create handles that reference the amphorae. Often used domestically for storage, ‘amphorae’ translates literally to ‘carried on both sides.’ The hipbones articulate the neck and accentuate the rounded belly of the vessel.

The sculptures in Pelvic Vessels - MarthaRosa, and Hearth- are inspired by the birthing process. While the pot is on the wheel and still wet, Antoni drags the inner edges of the hipbones around the neck of the vessel to make its form. From a sculptural perspective, Antoni is fascinated by the negotiation between the pelvic bones of the mother and the head of the baby during the birthing process; both bodies are forever changed by this rite of passage.