Janine Antoni and Paul Ramirez Jonas

Always New Always Familiar , 2000

Video, large image projected, small image in an inset monitor

Dimensions variable

Always New, Always Familiaris a collaboration between Janine Antoni and Paul Ramirez Jonas. On the same boat, Antoni filmed the bow looking forward and Ramirez Jonas filmed the stern looking back. Their respective footage is collaged in a multi-channel video installation that consists of Ramirez Jonas’s view displayed on a monitor flush to the wall, while Antoni’s view is projected on the wall surrounding it.  While the video allows us to experience coming and go simultaneously, the sound is located directionally. Speakers are placed at the front and back of the rooms. The sound of the wind orients the viewer towards the future while the sound of the boat’s engine is heard behind. The experience of this contradiction made physical is a meditation on time and perspective.